Give to Receive

Yes! Another giveaways are here. Check! Check! Check!
Firstly, it comes from 

Vanity No Apologies

and it's an international giveaway. Yayness!
She will give you bunch of cosmetics stuff to give yourself your best look, everyday.

Look at the picture, there're lotsa stuff right. For eyes, lip, cheek, and many more! Just don't wait. Here's the LINK. And i wish, i'm the winner of these giveaway. *fingercrossed!

Secondly, the giveaway comes from Lala's Wonderland. It's a mini giveaway to celebrate her 400+ followers. And i still can't get way out to get the GFC buttons *poor me :(
So, hurry up! You still had 30days to go. Here's the link.

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